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Meeting Room Design & Installation

Our acreddited technicians will help your organisation acheive an immersive meeting room experience with the seamless integration of the latest technologies.

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Boardroom Design & Installation

Our skilled & experienced AV design team will integrate the very best solution for your boardroom. Achieving uninterrupted communication and minimising disruption.

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Break Out Area Design & Installation

Breakout areas have been used to maximise productivity & boost morale. Our specialist AV team can integrating the latest AV technologies to create a dynamic workspace.

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Town Hall Space Design & Installation

Town Hall spaces are a great way to bring your employees together. Our AV team will install the best AV solutions while ensuring an engaging experience for everyone.

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Video Wall Design & Installation

Video Walls are useful for reinforcing your organisations branding, relaying information to clients or staff. Our AV team will ensure an engaging & impactful experience for everyone.

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Our Process

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Our AV specialists will work closely with you to ensure your vision is fully understood and your requirements are met.
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Our engineers will take on board your requirements and design the solution that bests suits you and your organisation.
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Our acreddited & qualified engineers will install the agreed solution into your workspace with top quality workmanship.
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Upon completion, our engineers will sit with you and provide in depth training on the equipment for peace of mind.
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We will offer full support on your solution to ensure any issues or questions are resolved or answered as soon as possible.

Benefits of Audio-Visual for your Business

Environmental Impact

With remote & hybrid working becoming ever increasingly present in the working environment, an under-appreciated benefit of this style of working is the positive effect it has on the planet. AV solutions will significantly reduce the requirement of countrywide & international travel which will dramatically reduce your organisations carbon footprint. The latest in Video Conferencing technology will allow organisations to communicate effectively and efficiently while working away from the office.

Low-Cost Benefits

Implementing the latest in Audio-Visual technology can significantly reduce your company's operational costs. Being able to assemble groups of people in one location for meetings, staff training and/or recruitment without the need for traveling will not only improve your organisations time management but considerably remove unnecessary costs.

Access to Talent

There used to be limitations on organisations employment structure. With geographical location being a large factor in the recruitment process. Now with communication and collaboration being so efficient with the use of high-quality Audio-Visual solutions, organisastions are able to hire the best person for the role regardless of location. Leading to much more efficiency within your business.


Using Audio-Visual technology as a training tool has become a must-have for organisations to achieve maximum productivity. Ensuring an efficient training program is implemented using the latest in Video and Audio technology is the first step in building knowledgeable staff that are well-trained and confident in their role and understanding of company values. Whether you need to train multiple new starters in different loacations, or an urgent update is required to be relayed company-wide. Presentation Media and Video Conferencing solutions will ensure a smooth, effective and streamlined process.

Smoother Decision-Making Process

It used to be that meetings were all held face to face and traveling to and from meeting locations, along with the meeting itself, meant at least half the day was spent outside of the office with communication limited. Now with the installation of the latest Video Conferencing and Presentation Media technologies, availability and meeting quality has improved significantly. Collaborating with clients or staff for sign-off meetings, presentations and pitches where communication is clear and uninterrupted is allowing the decision-making process to be much more streamlined.

Comfortable Hybrid Working Environment

With hybrid working the new normal, companies are taking a much more relaxed approach to their office environment. Installing the latest in Audio-Visual, Presentation Media & Video Conferencing technologies into meeting rooms and break-out areas allows staff members to create better working relationships with colleagues and senior management whether in the office or working externally by keeping communication high. Happy and comfortable staff is efficient and productive staff after all.

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We are proud of the work we produce, click the image to see a detailed tour of one of our many stand out projects.

Why PV are the Best AV Partners for you!

With over 30 years experience in the industry, our award-winning specialist AV technicians will work closely with you to ensure all your requirements are understood and implemented to a high standard.

We understand that each organisation has a different vision for their workspace. Whether you are looking for presentation media, video conferencing & audio-visual solutions or room booking systems for your commercial office space, our experience allows us to input solutions to dramatically improve and simplify your internal and external communications.
As technology advances, client requests do also. With offices integrating a more relaxed approach to the working environment, bringing audio-visual requirements into the likes of break-out areas, town hall spaces and receptions with solutions such as digital signage & video walls becoming ever increasingly popular. Ensuring our engineers are fully trained in new technologies, is something we take great pride in.
Personal service and customer care is at the heart of everything we do. No matter the organisation or project size, each client will receive the best service possible. This approach has allowed us to establish very successful long-standing relationships with multiple clients, achieving a client retention rate of over 92%.
Flexible, collaborative & remote working has become essential for organisations to ensure a seamless transition into a hybrid working style. A robust set of Audio & Video conferencing solutions, supported by a powerful and secure network have come into a sharper focus.

Project Vision!
You'd Be Crazy Not To!

Our Clients

We build long lasting business relationships with our clients using our customer first approach.

Our Partnerships

We carefully consider the brands we partner with to ensure the best solution for our clients.

Our Vendors

We are not brand dependant, we will recommend the best solution based off your requirements, not ours.

What Our Clients Have Said

  • Adam Walker
    This is the second project delivered by Project Vision for us. The team were great and kept us informed throughout the process and were able to complete the installation faster than expected and to a high standard.
    Adam Walker
  • EMEA Real Estate Manager
    The reason we continue working with the PV team has to do with their 100% engagement and reliability in each and every project, no matter the size. The PV team is hands-on from the conceptual face until the end result.
    EMEA Real Estate Manager
  • Mike Jarrett
    The design and delivery teams were an absolute pleasure to work with, and dedicated themselves to the effort, working long and antisocial hours to progress the delivery whilst keeping the laboratory operations going, with a great end result.
    Mike Jarrett
    UK Biocentre

Our Accomplishments

As a company we take great pride in our accomplishments, and we will continue to achieve the best for our clients in the future.