Meeting Room/ Boardroom Installation
Break Out & Town Hall Spaces Installation

Our acreddited technicians will help your organisation design and create engaging and comforting space by using the latest in audio-visual specialised solutions.

Break Out Areas

Offices of today have become more than just a place of work, with the amount of time spent in the office and working from home resulting in some employees feeling isolated, the importance of creating a social, creative and fun environment for staff has come to the forefront of many companies. Which is why many offices around the world are beginning to incorporate breakout areas to support staff in their everyday routine.

To support with productivity and efficiency in staff, break out areas are incorporating Audio-Visual solutions to create a more informal working space. Break out areas can be used for multiple purposes and can act as informal meeting areas, workspaces like pods or huddle rooms, displaying your business communication with advanced digital signage to reinforce your brand.

AV equipment with a break out area should be user-friendly and be able support activities and tasks required for each individual business. There should be Internet sccess and audio-visual solutions such as, TV screens, presentation media and possibly interactive screens to name a few. No matter what you decide to include in your break out area, the outcome should be suitable for each user to ensure a smooth and comfortable working environment.

Alternative Work Space is Essential


Studies confirm that 59% of employees find alternative work spaces within their office essential for their productivity.


Break-Out Area AV Integration with various interactive screens

Break-Out Area with a dropdown screen, Projector and screens.


Town Hall Spaces

With the importance of seamless communication between staff, clients and suppliers growing every day, companies are utilising their office space to host large town hall style meetings. Installation of high spec video conferencing, presentation media and audio systems to allow uninteruppted and high quality meetings with all of these stakeholders are beginning to come to the forefront in these space.

There are many different syles of Town Hall spaces, but no matter the style of space you are looking for, there are a number of options that are a must to ensure a high quality and seamless meeting, such as:

  • Presentation media - Which will involve the installation of a large screen of some kind, either a TV screen, high quality projectors with drop down screens or in some cases a video wall (where a large presentation screen surface is produced by combing a number of smaller individual screens).

  • Video conferencing - This will involve all in one soundbars or camera/microphone/speaker solutions, using brands such as Polycome, Logitech or NEAT to name a few. There is an option to have additional cameras in their solution based on size of the sapce, this is due to a need for remote participants to have the ability to view the presentation in addition to the audience.

  • Audio - This will typically be the installation of ceiling mounted speakers, amplifiers and microphones, with the deployment of handheld or lapel mounted microphones being used. There will also be control and matrixing devices being used including QSC Core Nano's and Dante interfaces.
Introducing AV into a break out space in your office will help staff get together quickly with a quick and easy informal discussion with the hassle of booking meeting rooms.

While bringing in a town hall set up will allow your organisation to host meetings on a large scale with internal or external colleagues and clients.

Benefits of AV for your Break Out & Town Hall Spaces

  • Enhances Stakeholder Communication
  • Improves Employee Morale and Productivity
  • Provides Extra Space for Interaction and Collaboration
  • Offers an Alternative Workspace Area
  • Allows for Higher Quality Presentations