Audio-Visual & Video Conferencing Solutions Have Become The Beating Heart of Business Communication

Make the most of your workspace with the latest solutions

The way people and companies work has changed drastically over the last few years. With today’s workforce prioritising flexibility, work-life balance, and the usage of the latest in communication technologies over private offices and unnecessary traveling.

As remote and hybrid working become more utilised, a requirement for organisations to transition into a robust set up of audio & video conferencing solutions has become essential to ensure business needs are being met

Benefits of Audio-Visual Solutions

Long-term cost-effective benefits.

Supports efficient internal and external collaborations from anywhere, anytime.

Speeds up the decision-making process.

Improves internal communication.

Increased employee productivity.

Corporate audio-visual solutions have become the foundation for enabling the current digital workforce. With more and more companies seeing the requirement to grow globally to protect the future of their organisation, highlights the need for a solution to conduct business irrespective of physical location.

At Project Vision Ltd, our specialist technicians are fully equipped with accreditations to install the latest technologies from Evoko, Sennheisser, Martin Audio & Avixa amongst many other systems to ensure the best possible experience for your organisation.

Our installation service utilises advanced technology brands, such as Cisco WebEx, Poly, Yaelink, Crestron, QSC, Shure, Logitech & Kramer. With our service providing an easy-to-use solution for improved usability.

Why Project Vision?

We are a multi award-winning company which is committed to providing customer service excellence and a high standard of work quality to all clients.

We offer a range of fully structured and integrated Audio Visual, Video Conferencing and Presentation Media services with the strength & knowledge of our installation team guaranteeing the quality of our designs, and the quality of our designs, making us a successful installation team.

We have a long and proven track record of designing and implementing business-enabling solutions that deliver real benefits to corporate clients. Our AV specialist technicians maintain current expertise across all disciplines. Our reputation has been achieved by listening to our client’s requirements and designing Audio Visual systems that fully meet, and often exceed, expectations.