Project Vision’s Charity Work

Rolling out a Guest Wireless Network

The implementation of a successful guest wireless network takes careful planning. In this eBook we highlight the 4 key considerations before selecting a guest wireless network solution for your specific requirements.

In what has been a very difficult 2 years for us all, adjusting our lives and routines during lockdown, working remotely & many of us not being able to see or hug our loved ones at the best times of the year, it is important for everyone to understand and appreciate the sacrifices that have been and are still being made by all Charities, who are fighting every day to find cures, generate support/help for people with mental health issues and in many cases, save the lives of millions of people all around the world.

We understand that now more than ever it is essential to support charitable foundations throughout the world.

Over the past 12 months, Project Vision has continued to contribute to a variety of charities by making donations, completing projects, and supporting/sponsoring charitable events.

In 2021 we completed projects with Creative Education Trust, Sarabande Foundation & UK Biocentre, ranging from Audio-Visual investigations & installations, Networks and supporting the fight against Covid-19 by upgrading and supporting the networks for UK Biocentre.

We have also continued with our yearly donations to Charity, making a donation this year to Cancer Research. Cancer Research is a wonderful charity that do amazing things worldwide and a charity that is close to many of our hearts.

Since 2019 Project Vision has been a proud sponsor of the Rob Knox Film Festival. The aim of the festival is

To raise the profile of positive behaviour by young people.

To provide an opportunity for locally made films to reach a wider audience.

To provide an opportunity for young people to see independent films from around the world.

To provide learning opportunities for young filmmakers. To identify films that tackle social issues or that could be used in an educational context.

And this year we are privileged to be the sponsor again for the Rob Knox Film Festival 2022.

Project Vision will continue to support and work with charities moving forward and we hope you all do too.