The Top Five Ways To Be Cyber-Safe.

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Be Cyber Secure!


You may have missed it, but February 5th, 2019 was Safer Internet Day. UK based security expert Graham Cluley published a piece this week where he discussed the five best ways to protect yourself online.

In the piece, Graham discusses how every day should be Safer Internet Day. We would certainly agree with that. As the FBI pointed out recently, there are two types of business out there; those that have been the victims of a cyber attack, and those that don’t know they have yet.

Spoiler alert; all five of Graham’s recommendations are “Use a password manager”.

Joking aside, (and we’re not saying he is), as he says, a good password manager is a great first step on the journey to cyber-safe practices. If you’re not sure where to start, here’s a recent comparison of the top players in the market.

Using a password manager is a great step in addressing the weakest point in the cyber security of most organisations; the people, or the “human firewall” as they are sometimes called.

You can read Graham’s original article here.

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Meanwhile, we’re all off to get new password managers.