Commercial IT

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Enhance Your Organisations IT Network Solutions

Installing or upgrading your organisations current IT Networks will provide a comprehensive system that meets current and future needs. It is vital that all IT networks are protected both by built in resilience and by a range of security measures that protect the Company’s data as well as protect it from external threats.


  • Ensure the core of the business is set up to optimise performance, reliability, speed and security.
  • High-performance and highly-available commercial IT networks make it straightforward to integrate cloud-based solutions across company laptops, tablets and smartphones.
  • Choosing the right commercial IT network with additional security measures will protect valuable data from external threats
  • Fast and reliable networks are installed with easy to manage support capabilities.

Why Project Vision?

Project Vision has over twenty years’ experience in designing, installing, configuring and supporting commercial IT networks. Our IT Network experts and network cable installers keep pace with the latest developments, ensuring that all IT solutions are business-enabling, resilient and secure.
Our reputation and award-winning capabilities are achieved by listening to client requirements. We design tailored IT Network solutions that fully meet those requirements, first time, every time, without exception. Our commitment to customer service excellence means we are on-hand to provide on-going IT support.


Commercial IT Networks

As winners of 2020 & 2021 Best Fibre & IT Cabling Company, Project Vision understand that wireless networks are positioned at the heart of commercial operations. IT risk management is therefore essential for protecting company's from external threats.