Meeting Room/ Boardroom Installation
Video Wall Installation

Our acreddited technicians will reinvigorate your office communal space, by installing eye catching & impactful Video Walls using the latest in display and digital signage technologies.

In all types of corporate spaces, whether a break out, reception or public area's, video walls are being utilised to convey vital information with high impact to employees and clients with the purpose of attracting attention. No matter the placement of your video wall, they are a feature within your office, with a visual design impact is something no other technology can equal. Digital signage or video walls are useful for reinforcing your organisations branding, relaying information to clients or staff and creating an engaging space to enhance productivity.

Video walls are an amalgamation of components such as hardware and video content to form a visually stunning stand out single display, which is achieved by utilising high-resolution display panels or TV screens, a controller and a processing system for ease of use.

Substantial Growth for Video Wall Solutions


The video wall market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11% over the next 5 years


Large Multi-Screen video wall for use in communal area

Large digital signage screen for commercial lobby area

Upon selection of your preferred screen and video wall design, you will need to consider other elements in the set up of your vision. For a digial display to run efficiently there will need to be video signal distribution hardware and processors, cabling, mounting brackets and potentially custom surrounds. All of these considerations will ensure that your video wall will look incredible and match the requirements for your environment. All within budget!

Benefits of Video Walls and Their Impact

  • Great first impression - Video walls allow you to display a wide range of content to various stakeholders. It brings an exceptional and impactful first impression to your clients.
  • Collaboration - Video walls can also be used as a platform to communicate vital information to staff and enhance the collaboration with remote colleagues and between internal departments. Brining a sense of social togetherness.
  • Flexibility - Video walls can be utilised in a variety of ways, with multiple screen options, you can display content across the entire video wall or over each section to portray numerous messages, and can also be used for presentations for Town hall spaces.
  • Visibility - Video walls have a much higher display than a projected image, allowing viewers better optimisation. Utilising high-resolution along with the impact of the display itself, brings a much larger visibility with onlookers.