December 2, 2019

Designing a Great Video Conferencing Solution for Your Business

Video Conferencing Design.   Implementing a video conferencing solution in your business is a smart move. Video and voice collaboration has grown in leaps and bounds since the […]
November 26, 2019

WiFi Law 101: Legal Compliance and Your Guest Wireless Network

Wifi Law 101.   So, you’ve got a guest wireless network, or maybe you’ve been considering rolling out one out for the first time. You’ve  done […]
November 25, 2019

Breaking Down the ROI of Video Conferencing: Why It’s Time to Invest

Video Conferencing ROI.   Making the decision to invest in new technology is vital for organisations looking to thrive amidst the ever-changing technological landscape. Video conferencing […]
November 12, 2019

Five Tips for Choosing an AV Consultant

Choosing An AV Consultant.   Collaboration and agile working have become increasingly important when companies are considering business expansion, upgrade or relocation strategies. Correctly designed and […]
November 6, 2019

Selecting a Video Conferencing System? Here Are Some Aspects You May Not Have Considered.

What You May Not Have Considered.   Welcome to part 2 of our ‘Selecting a Video Conferencing System? Here’s What You Need to Know‘ guide. In part 1 […]
November 1, 2019

Selecting a Video Conferencing System? Here’s What You Need to Know

Selecting a VC System.   Video conferencing isn’t just for corporate giants anymore. An increasing number of small to medium businesses are embracing the enhanced communication and […]
October 25, 2019

Project Vision Wins Best IT, AV & Fibre Optic Cabling Company 2019.

2019 WINNERS!   Start spreadin’ the news, We are delighted and honoured to have been awarded and recognised as top of the heap in IT, AV Services and […]
May 17, 2019

Project Vision at the Rob Knox Film Festival.

Rob Knox Film Festival.   We’re delighted to be able to help with the Rob Knox Film Festival. For those of you that may not know […]
February 7, 2019

The Top Five Ways To Be Cyber-Safe.

Be Cyber Secure!   You may have missed it, but February 5th, 2019 was Safer Internet Day. UK based security expert Graham Cluley published a piece […]